Raw Milk quickie

Raw milk is like unprotected sex, depending on factors that you cannot possibly know it can be safe, or very bad. it’s legal to do for free, so long as you aren’t doing it to people who cannot give consent, or with out getting consent, and you’d better not sell it.

Oh yeah, and they are both swapping untreated unprotected body fluid with another animal that is physiologically very similar to us

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I’ve realized that I’m for citizens united

The notion, on it’s face, that a corporation deserves civil rights like a person is pretty laughable. Corporations are synthetic people, constructed to free individual people from the liability of entrusting others to act on their behalf or acting on the behalf of others. As a synthetic people it makes sense to give corporations some right; obviously they don’t need the right to have an abortion or the right to medical privacy, but the right to own property? Well yeah they do need that one, in that with out it they cannot function for their intended purpose.

So what about the right to freedom of speech? I think that there are two ways to approach this. One, a weaker (more restrictive) path from a stronger foundation is to examine how freedom of the press plays into the matter. The other, stronger connection from a weaker foundation, is to look at the purpose of corporations and see how this does or does not contribute to those interests.

Starting with freedom of the press, take Rachael Maddow, she can say that she likes or dislikes a candidate or issue, it’s up to her as a member of the press, but what about MSNBC? MSNBC may be a press outlet, but they are also a corporation, do corporations not have rights? Well if MSNBC doesn’t have rights then why do they get to use their resources to spread Rachael Maddow’s agenda? Shouldn’t they be stopped? These PACs have political agendas, but they are also spreading information and opinions, that’s what the press does. If you harken back to the formative years of our constitution the newsprint was full of strong ideas and opinions, it wasn’t until the gilded age that they even bothered to try to look neutral. That freedom of the press was so that people would be able to use press institutions to spread their ideas. PACs aren’t selling information to consumers, they are giving it away, but why does that make it worse? Are PSAs not the press now? If I go to put a public notice in the paper for zoning purposes can I be blocked for doing it for corporate business purposes?

Now looking at the interests of corporations. Because a corporation can be held by several people that corporation can have its own unique synthesis of interests. If I own a portion of a corporation then there can exist an issue or politician that I have an interest by proxy in but have no direct interest in myself. Take for instance a corporation in Delaware owned by a Brit, a Floridian, and a Washingtonian; None of those three owners have direct interests in the outcome of a Delaware election, save for the interests of their corporation. In order to protect themselves from unfair and unreasonable liability the three of them created that synthetic person and along with that synthetic creation came the emergence of real considerations and real needs. Considerations and needs of the same sort that prompted us to create the civil rights for real people in the first place.

It would be nice to keep those with huge amounts of influence in politics already from getting more, but I don’t know that we can do that with out endangering the rights that I hold dear, rights that you should hold dearly too, if you’ve got them.

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There is a systematic shift against me? It can’t be bad data, it must be fraud!

Why Do All Election Forecasters, Political Scientists, Academics and Media Pundits Avoid the Systemic Fraud Factor? Was a big heaping bowl full of infuriating inability to understand modeling.

Alaska excluded, a general rule of thumb is that rural areas tend to be more Republican and urban areas tend to be more Democratic. Another general rule of thumb is that an exit pollster is worth more in an urban area, where he or she can collect more data, than they are in a rural area. A pollster at a precinct that gets 2000 voters in a day collects more data than a pollster in a precinct that gets 40 votes on election day. But the whole premise of the above mentioned piece is that all the raw votes collected from the small and biased sample ought to be counted as equally, and that any attempt to correct for the known bias in collection methods is really just an attempt to cover for fraud.

It just goes to show that even a degree in Math doesn’t mean that you understand numbers at all. 

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The Dotcom bubble may have been a good thing.

When the internet went mainstream it was obvious that there was money to be made from it, and so lots of money was thrown at the web 1.0 retailers and it was largely misallocated. Some firms came through and made good for their investors, but most fell flat. Immediately post boom the people in tech who were any good and lost their jobs found new jobs and continued to be productive in new and better ways. In spite of us knowing much better now how to allocate our resources in tech there isn’t a frenzy of investment and has not been since the early 90’s. There is still strong investment but it is at appropriate levels. I think that there is a good case to be made that it was so many getting burnt when the dotcom bubble burst that has prevented a second techbubble from forming. Imagine if the web 1.0 bubble hadn’t formed and we transitioned straight into web 2.0, it would still be something new and you would still get a lot of attention for it and the bubble would have formed around an inherently stronger market. While there would have been even more left in the rubble after the bubble burst I suspect that that also would have meant that the bubble would have been a whole lot bigger when that time came. A bubble is all about leverage, and it only goes when people run out of leverage, had they had more real estate to go into a frenzy over the frenzy would have been bigger and even more capital would have been misallocated.

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We ought not be worried that China is sending us cheap imports, and tariffs aren’t the answer. If we impose a Tariff we will simply exchange cheap goods and a negative balance of trade for expensive domestic goods with a net negative use of resources. What we should be worried about is the fact that china is doing so much more than we are to enable their citizenry to work and be productive (including better education), much of it is low hanging fruit that we’ve already picked and eaten, but that doesn’t change the story. Either we can choose to be part of China’s success and prosperity, or we can choose to be left out of it, there is no way for us to work the tariffs that stops their meteoric rise, only their own occasional bouts of incompetence can do that, just like our own how us back.

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When do we get remotely flown jumbo jets?

The military has extremely reliable drones, piloted remotely one pilot can take off with one drone at a time then hand the job over to some avionics to carry it most of the way then take the drone back when they get to where they are going. In this manner one pilot can control a dozen drones. When are we going to get this technology going for airliners? It would be wonderfully space and cost efficient, freeing up some amazing sears at the front of the plane and amazing views for the first class passengers that get them, and it would be mean lower cost air fare as one pilot on the ground would replace upwards of 20 crewmembers. No more overnight hotels for pilots, no more drunk pilots behind the stick, no more fears of a terrorist takeover, which means less airport security. Everybody wins, except for the pilots and security people put out of work, but they aren’t really helping us to begin with.

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The dyson airblade doesn’t strike me as particularly sanitary.

I just used one (not the first time) and noticed that there is no where for the water to go. With a paper towel the the bacterial laden film of water on your hands gets trapped in the cellulose fibers (and left on the handle of the dispenser for the next guy). With a regular hand dryer the water is evaporated off and convected away, leaving the bacteria on your hands (but unhappy at having been dried). but with the airblade all of those little droplets are ripped away and aerosolized where they can end up in our eyes, noses, mouths and lungs. Yum.

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