Sometimes there is a hidden layer of causation

I walked past the ice arena and noticed some youth league hockey of some sort going on (the kids looked to be about 12 years big) and walked past and sat down on a bench just past the majority of the din. After I was sitting there for a while I noticed that young men had started to congregate along the edge where they can look down and watch, but didn’t think anything of it. Young women were walking by but it’s no great surprise that men would be more likely to stop for a sporting event. I was maybe a little surprised that they would stop to watch youth hockey but not enough to give it a second thought. Then the play on the ice stopped, I could hear the coach giving them some long winded talk about something or other, this went on for at least 10 minutes and young men kept piling on to the pony wall where passers by can stop to watch. This state of affairs aroused curiosity in me, because I know that that’s too many young men to be interested in watching other peoples children stand awkwardly on skates and listen to a coach. I make my way over to see what there is to see (and needed to catch a bus anyways) and low and behold, about a dozen young women were running laps (for whatever team or class) around the ice, judging by how tired they were looking they had probably begun just after I passed. And thus we solve the mystery of the gawking young men.


About opcnup

Emerson White is a biology student working on post grad while doing private research on the side.
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