We ought to kill all the monkeys

Well, maybe not all the monkeys, that self portrait of a macaque was particularly precious, maybe just the great apes. We don’t have to do it immediately but some time within the next 10,000 years at most I think. My reasoning for this is simple, if we don’t drive them to extinction we won’t know what to do with them. As humans our moral reasoning has a whole lot more black and white prescriptivism than exists in the fabric of the universe around us. Eventually repeated selection based on interactions with humans will lead to strains of apes that are better able to interact with humans and more intelligent, this sounds great, except where do we put them in the order of things? Do we give free speech rights to apes? Do we let apes and humans (who also happen to be apes) marry? Do we make apes second class citizens? If only half of all extant chimps at the time are human level intelligent and the other half were stuck somewhere in between do we institute some sort of literacy test for chimps before they are allowed to vote?

To me that sounds like one giant headache of moral philosophy that we just don’t need right now.


About opcnup

Emerson White is a biology student working on post grad while doing private research on the side.
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One Response to We ought to kill all the monkeys

  1. Jeff says:

    Charlton Heston just came to mind…

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