Incomplete thoughts

I started this (pitiful excuse for a) blog hoping that it would encourage me to generate some real content. Something I might eventually mold into a book proposal or a documentary script or something more useful than a blog. I carry a moleskine with me everywhere (because I’m a pretentious snob) and it is full of little idea seeds, 2-3 sentences. Here are a few:

-Environmentalists complain about our modern food system, they complain that the plants we grow now are devoid of nutrition and styrofoam like, when they ask for a reason why (other than profits) the reason they get back is always “because we have to feed the world” but that not accepted, they point out that half of all the food we grow rots in the field. That is true, but that is because of things like insect damage, and that it is the styrofoam destined (find another word for that) transformation that protects and prevents against rot. We have too much food rotting before it gets eaten, making the food rot faster is not the way to solve that problem.

-Primitivism is offensive because it is an attack on literature, architecture, or science. One generations superstitions simply replace the next. The ideas that enable ideas to stick around (like writing and painting) because they not only carry information about hunting buffalo and how to dance, but they also carry with them the means of their own salvation, because learning to read is part of learning to write.

– ¬†People used to understand that they were working on outdated information, when Andrew Jackson died it took weeks for the information to spread across the country, when Michael Jackson died it took hours to find him and minutes for the information to fly. Science is still shrouded by jargon and people don’t realize that a little bit is wrong but working off of it is the best we can do, it makes anti-science ideas seem more attractive because they claim to be eternal.
As you can clearly see there isn’t a whole lot to go with there, and I have literally thousands of these little fragile frail seedlings, just barely germinated ideas. I feel like each one deserves to be tended to and watered and given room and light to grow under, and I start blog posts and feel like they are hot house flowers unready to go out into the wide world of my 5 readers (literally there are five of you). I feel like my blog would be so much more productive if I weren’t pulled in a hundred different directions at once. Right now I have more drafts than posts, and I can’t wait to break that habit.

About opcnup

Emerson White is a biology student working on post grad while doing private research on the side.
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