If the creationists ever did any real research…

…they would stop being creationists.


If you represented genomes as sentences humans might be something like “The boy ran to the park with the dog” and the chip genome might ,be like “the boy ran to the park with the wolf”and the gorilla genome would be “the car ran over the wolf and then parked” and the Orangutan genome would be like “that cool cat drove down to the river” and the Gibon genome would be like “Chevy chase has a car parked by the river” Yet creationists want us to think that Chips and Orangs and Gibons and Gorillas are all descended from the same pair of apes on the ark but that Chimps and humans have nothing in common.


If tomorrow I came up with a great idea that dropped the price of sequencing a genome to $1000 I’d donate one to the biologic institute (after winning the X prize) so that they could do some real research, because I’m sure failing again and again and again while pouring time and effort and money into a machine would be just the ticket the get them to shut up.



About opcnup

Emerson White is a biology student working on post grad while doing private research on the side.
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4 Responses to If the creationists ever did any real research…

  1. Breana says:

    My personal opinion is that if Evolutionists did any research, they would stop being Evolutionists. After all, there is virtually no evidence for Evolution, and whenever a trace of evidence is found, the results are highly extrapolated.
    I would like to see the sources you used while writing this blog post. Would you mind posting them to your blog or mine (http://www.becominggodlymaidens.blogspot.com/)? Thanks 🙂



  2. opcnup says:

    Cyt C is one of the more broadly studied genes, here is one of the many hundreds of papers on it.


    If that’s not enough data for you perhaps you can wander through BLAST and see some of the Data on Humans, Chimps, and Orangs.


  3. opcnup says:

    The author of that piece on the chimp genome doesn’t seem to understand the science. Electronically generated protein sequences take splicing sites into account for instance. He seems to have just ignored all the things that the researchers did to align the DNA and just taken the lowest number that they reported.

    Both the Chimp and Human genomes are in the public domain now, why not just do his own study? I think the reason is that he doesn’t know how, so he is just skimming other peoples work and cherrypicking out the number that lets him tell the story that he wanted to tell from the beginning.

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